Zandra Shaw

Zandra Shaw

January 24-25

Join us for 2 Days of Hands-On Fun at Shreveport Sewing Center, 645 W Bert Kouns Industrial Loop, Shreveport, LA 71118, Phone: 318-688-2402

January 24 & 25 2020

Class Fee: $ 109 Single Day
$189 Both Days
Includes lunch and project kit !

Zandra Shaw is coming all the way from South Africa bringing with her a crisp and exciting new
vision of the embroidery arena. Her philosophy : "Don't hoop yourself in!
There is life beyond the small hoop. "- is already rendering marvelous fruits in the home embroidery
industry. Embroiderers are bubbling up over the new techniques that help them breaking out
into the third dimension. Looking for inspiration, new ideas, or just curious about machine
embroidery? You're invited to meet embroidery expert Zandra Shaw and the entire
Embroidershoppe team who are coming to Shreveport Sewing Center all the way from South Africa. You'll learn time saving techniques, how to make continuous lace on your ordinary embroidery machine and the method of side stepping multi-hooping which will be appreciate by most embroiderers!

Come have a FANTASTIC experience learning NEW PROJECTS and so many NEW TECHNIQUES like making the perfect applique
and the perfect patch. We are bringing the FUN and CREATIVITY back to home embroidery with gorgeous designs and projects
at AFFORDABLE prices. It is time to break out of the "hooped in" feeling of conventional machine embroidery. We are almost
sure that you haven't come across embroidery like this before! Attend one of our "HANDY'S " and experience the real joy of
Machine Embroidery! You will be guided by video and power point presentations and our quality controller and test stitcher will
be at your service throughout the completion of the projects. But the proof of the pudding lies in the eating!!

You don't want to miss this !!
Enjoy 2 FULL days of inspiration, ideas, prizes, learning and FUN !!

Reservations Required